Update Firmware of Cisco UCS B series Server gives Error “The firmware of the following components cannot be updated because they are using host/management firmware policy:”

If you are reading this post you might have come accross the Error “The firmware of the following components cannot be updated because they are using host/management firmware policy:”

This week I was workig on upgrading the firmware of  CISCO UCS  from version 2.1.(1 f) to 2.2.(1d). When doing the firmware update after uploading the firmware imagers to the FI, I went to the ‘Update Firmware’ and Selected ‘All’ and select ‘Bundle’ to select the specific bundile I wanted to install in my case 2.2(1d)


After making the selection as shown above Click Apply and OK. Which is when I saw the error message below, This bacally means all the chassis CIMC Controler / Adapter, BISO cannot be updated because the service profile attached is using hosted management of firmware.

firmware Update error

 So, their is no ways way out form this as if you say Yes then these server will miss out form updates.

One option we have tested is de-associate the sersvice profile , as this is Server Firmware so, its related to Service profile association.  I was able to Update Firmware successfully.

Howerver I am still invistigating how to avoid this step if I have to do a Firmware upgrade on Production Live enviernment, this is a Show Stoper. Luckely for us we have migrated all our production to a diffrent UCS enviernment, so we did not have any thing running on this UCS.

I belive the way the service profile firmware police should be done in a diffrent method,  and then associated to each Physical Blades.

I will keep you posted, once I get another process of doing the Update Firmware with out de-associating the Service Profiles. For more information on how the firmware is done check  out my post CISCO UCS Firmware Update Process

Please feel free to comment on your opinion.


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  1. You have to specify the desired firmware level in the firmware policy for the service profile, or the service profile template if the service profiles are bound to a template.

  2. The Explanation why this happens can be found in


    Upgrades of a CIMC through a management firmware package or an adapter through a firmware package in the service profile associated with the server take precedence over direct firmware upgrades.

    You cannot directly upgrade an endpoint if the service profile associated with the server includes a firmware package. To perform a direct upgrade, you must remove the firmware package from the service profile.

    In the future it might be better to post your questions in



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