advanced boot or secure boot configuration cannot be applied to the specified server There are not enough resources overall

If you are looking at this Failure Reason: advanced boot or secure boot configuration cannot be applied to the specified server There are not enough resources overall, You might have come across this error.

advance boot or secure boot configuration cannot be applied

Although the above error looks like a very generic error when you apply a service profile to a Server. Most of the on-line search takes you in the direction of making sure you are using the legacy CD ROM drive.

With the process of elimination I found that while using the Flex Flash ‘SD Card’ in Boot Option this error was trigged. once I removed the SD Card, I was able to apply the profile with out any problems.  But I wanted to use the Flex Flash with RAID-1,( SD Cards) to boot.  more info on  Cisco UCS FlexFlash Configuration of Secure Digital (SD) Card

As you might be aware that boot from SD card is a new feature introduced in version 2.2 , we then started looking at he version of UCS Manager and Firmware running on the environment. I had recently upgraded this UCS to the 2.2(1d) so that was not an issue.

We thought to double check the firmware configuration, when going through this options we create a Host Firmware Policy specifically only for M3 and just selecting the M 200 M3 CIMC and Bios with the latest version of firmware.  more info on firmware can be found CISCO UCS Firmware Update Process

Once this option was applied to the Service profile The blade started to boot up.

The only thing different to this was I had created a custom firmware on Host Firmware Policy called 2.2 firmware but ended up selected quite a lot of servers with latest version of software .. However in my UCS Environment I have only got M 200 M3.

So to fix this issue, make  sure in ‘Host Firmware Package’ make sure you have customized firmware profile for every different server you have, so that you can individually apply it to the service profile you are assign to that specific server.

Example M2 and M3 Blades we can have two Host Firmware Packages which you can add to specific Service profiles individually.

Additional resources:

If you want to learn more about the process of doing a Firmware update please checkout my link CISCO UCS Firmware Update Process

If you want to learn more about the process of doing a Firmware update please checkout my link Cisco UCS FlexFlash Configuration of Secure Digital (SD) Card





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