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Troubleshooting The vMotion migration failed because the ESX host were not able to connect over the vMotion network.

Hi All,

Today I will take you thought the troubleshooting for vMotion using CLI, If you have not done network troubleshooting on esx host you will find some really good esxi commands on this post. And if you are using a converged infrastructure its important to understand end to end connectivity especially if you have different vlans for each service like vMotion FT, Management traffic and VM-Traffic.

I build a brand new Data Center and after configuring the dv switch I decided to test the vMotion first and this is the error I saw on the first attempt the vm was stuck at 14 % and after a while it gave the below error message.

as shown below:

vmotion error_task


Migrate virtual machine error message

vmotion error

If you read the above error message you will find the IP’s of the host which I am migrating from and to.

for example lets consider the below two host this troubleshooting is done on esx-02. vmnic2 is FT vmnic3 is vMotion so I am comparing the mac address of booth the host on the ucs service profile to compare tht the vnic template has the right mac address and if they are connected to the right vlan. Read the rest of this entry

Get Started with VMware New Certifications VCA – DCV, Cloud and Workforce Mobility

VMware has added few new certifications  on a Associate level called VMware Crtified Associate and they have restructured the Certifications and renamed the VCP to  VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtulization ( VCP -DCV )

The new VCA certifications are:


VCA – Cloud

VCA – Workforce Mobility

You can find more information Certification Roadmap:



I recently started preparing for VCP -Cloud and I have recently taken the VCA – Cloud and passed it.

The option for all the VCP5 Certified Professionals is you can directly take VCA -IAAS  which has the prerequisite of VCP 5.

And for those who are not a VCP 5 has to take the VCP -Cloud exam however they will need to take the 5 days training from VMware Certified Partners or VMware  directly.


Also  click the  above link

Get Started with VMware New Certifications for Free !!


Virtualization Technologies used today and its benefits!

Most of the business today are choosing virtualization for Server consolidation, however along with that they get a lot more benefits:

  • Reduce power and space requirement in data centres
  • Fast application and service provisioning
  • Improved manageability
  • Business continuity

When these factors are measured by a survey taken by f5 few years a go we got the following results.

This clearly explains that the Businesses are focused to do server consolidation and reduction of power and space requirement which is the driving factors even today.

The types of virtualization do we currently have ? as discussed this on my previous post, I am going to compare them today.

According to surveys taken recently we have the following stats.

This clearly explains us that most of the Virtualization technologies are been used today, however still the most popular one is Server virtualization. Never the less this is taken on a different level today to get the Desktop virtualization for the end users companies like Citrix and VMware have got a lot of powerful products for this. Read the rest of this entry

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