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The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate Certification

Hey Guys,

As I have been working on Windows 2012 since a while now, in test env. I decided to go for the Microsoft Certifications

The new Certification for Server 2012 is called   The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA).

 We have 3 exams that will prove you to be a MCSA level the 

Required MCSA Exams are: 
410 – Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012
411 -Administering Windows Server 2012
412 – Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012.
The good news is I was preparing for the first exam 410 and had given the exam on Saturday.
The exams had 60 questions and 2 hours time. I am proud to say that have passed the exam with flying colors with a grand score of 984/1000.
for those of you who are intrested in taking the MCSA certification path Microsoft has Free Certification Prep tools which you can find at this location 90 Days to MCSA 
If you watch the videos you will have enough background knowledge to start preparing of Server 2012 .
I had implemented a lab at home with Server 2012 and configured it as a Hyper-V role to pratice for the exam, as 2012 has cool new features which are quite diffident from 2008 R2 I strongly recommend that you install and start getting use to the new user interfaces and options. 
Server 2012 is also focused on Server Core which means that you need to practice PowerShell cmdlets and need to be comfortable with basic installation commands. 
I found this blog today after giving the exam that has a breakdown of all the sections for this 410 exam. I think this will be good for someone who are preparing for this exam at
I am going to focus on completing the MCSA certification so 1 down 2 to go … 🙂


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