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Test Drive ‘Windows 8 Relealse Preview’

Hi Guys,

Since few months I have been using Release Candidate of Windows 8, and decided to Switch to the Release Preview Evaluation Build 8400 recently, I have to admin that,  Microsoft improved a lot of features from RC edition. Hence why I decided to write this post about my views.

Some important fact’s Microsoft has changed a lot of stuff from the the traditional Windows OSes. I guess as Windows 8 is also a Tablet OS they wanted to bring a big change in it.

First of all let me remind you that Windows 8 is still build on the existing Windows 7 which has proved to be robust. Unlike Vista which non of the enterprises bothered to touch , However you will find it different in many ways as , its way smarter  then Windows 7. (Honestly I am not kidding!!!)

You no longer have programs its all about ‘App’s ‘. (don’t worry they are just renamed to App’s)

Don’t be surprised if you cant see the start menu as the old Window XP or the existing Win 7, its been changed to the new tile’s look which gives you live content, example I have my email, and like twitter, facebook, linkedin etc..¬† at one convenient¬† place social network HUB and it has all the current live updates running. So … I don’t need to login to check what my mates are up to I can see that at a glance.

I have been testing it on my laptop which has Core 2 Duo Intel Processor and 6 Gig of Memory, and I have done a lot of testing on it and loved the way it works.

Start Menu

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