Get Started with VMware New Certifications for Free !!

Free ….   vca-dcv-logo

Yes, That’s right If you have read my previous post you will know by now that VMware has  Associate level certification and they are self-learning exams.

You can take these exams at your own time and get started with VMware VCA Certification from home or work via the online exam.

The new VCA certifications are:


VCA – Cloud

VCA – Workforce Mobility

You can find more details about the three new certifications on my previous blog post here:
So, how do I get It done ? and How is it Free ?

Follow the steps below and prepare for the exams and you can get Certified in VCA for Free  ..
1. Create an account on
Note: Prepare for VCA-DCV   (VMware Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals)
2. You can sign up for the relevant VCA certifications here:
Once registred you will need to click and apply for the course for VCA-DCV  if you are planning to give VMware Certified Associate in Data Center Virtulization.

vSphere 5

    VMware Certified Associate – Data Center Virtualization (VCA-DCV) NEW

3.You will need to wait for approval from VMware, they will send a code to to book the exam. (may take up to 15 minutes for the approval email to arrive. )
4. Next Step is Create an account at
Link for VMware here:

Note: Make sure you use the same email address which you have used for registering at

5. check the email from VMware it should come from noreply@vmware that will have authorization to give the VCA-DCV exam.

click on the exam (VCA – DCV) VMware Cerrified Associate – Data Center Virtulization
it will show the price to be $90 but as its a new certification it will 50% discontented. go to checkout there you will find apply voucher code or discount code button. click and give this code: VMRT6B404C7B  Thanks to  that should update and knock the $45 off and show you need to pay $0.

It will not ask for card details as its 0$ and once that is done you can take the exam by clicking Begin exam or give the exam with in 48 hours time.

I would suggest first prepare for the exam then book it on

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


  1. hi, is this certification still available for free?

  2. Hi is there any free certification for vca6-dcv

  3. vmware has associate level certification and they are self learning exam

  4. Sir, is this Certification still available? Cuz I cannot find the Course in VMWare’s list…

  5. I have 50% off VCP coupes, contact me

  6. What about VCP certifications ?

  7. Yaseen Abrahams

    Hi Ibrahim is this still available?

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